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3 Lesser Known Ways To Sanitize A Hot Tub

For many people, keeping the water in a hot tub sanitized means using high doses of either chlorine or bromine. Unfortunately, these otherwise harmless substances can cause irritation for those with chemical sensitivities. Luckily, new methods of sanitization have been developed in recent years. If you have a hard time with traditional hot tub sanitizers, […]

Diving In: Choosing A Hot Tub That Fits You

Choosing to buy a hot tub may seem like an easy decision, but once you go to a showcase or two, you might find yourself frankly overwhelmed by the amount of choices that are involved in picking your perfect machine. The truth is that the “right” hot tub for you depends entirely on your lifestyle […]

Problems Solved: Design Your Ideal Patio

A patio or deck is one of the ideal locations of your home. It’s a transitional space between indoor and outdoor living. A patio also serves multiple purposes. However, the space itself may not be ideal, being small, loud or clearly visible, for example. Design your patio to best utilize the space you have.   […]