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Archive | May, 2016

Diving In: Choosing A Hot Tub That Fits You

Choosing to buy a hot tub may seem like an easy decision, but once you go to a showcase or two, you might find yourself frankly overwhelmed by the amount of choices that are involved in picking your perfect machine. The truth is that the “right” hot tub for you depends entirely on your lifestyle […]

Problems Solved: Design Your Ideal Patio

A patio or deck is one of the ideal locations of your home. It’s a transitional space between indoor and outdoor living. A patio also serves multiple purposes. However, the space itself may not be ideal, being small, loud or clearly visible, for example. Design your patio to best utilize the space you have.   […]

Debunking Three Myths About Swimming Pools

Choosing to have a swimming pool installed can be an excellent investment in improving the value of your property and the enjoyment that you get from it. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who may be discouraged from committing to this upgrade because they believe some common misconceptions about swimming pools. Myth: Installing An In-Ground Pool […]

Making Repairs To A Cracked Concrete Swimming Pool Floor

If you own a hotel and you have an in-ground swimming pool on your property, and you notice there is a crack in the concrete portion of the flooring, you will want to take the appropriate steps in repairing it fast. Continuing to allow guests to use the pool while it is in this condition is risky as it can cause someone to […]

Beautiful Decking And Coping For Your Backyard Pool

Back in the day, just having a pool was a luxury. Contractors would create a simple concrete rectangle, and this would provide the locale for the water fun. These days, homeowners prefer to design backyard retreats with a swimming pool as the centerpiece. For decking and coping, or the edging of the pool, concrete is […]