Beautiful Decking And Coping For Your Backyard Pool

Back in the day, just having a pool was a luxury. Contractors would create a simple concrete rectangle, and this would provide the locale for the water fun. These days, homeowners prefer to design backyard retreats with a swimming pool as the centerpiece. For decking and coping, or the edging of the pool, concrete is still a material of choice. However, now the whole installation has taken on an upscale feel.

Slab Decking

Having a concrete slab poured to provide the deck of your pool is still very much a viable option. Concrete is an eminently customizable material. Contractors can stamp, stain and dye it to resemble almost any other material traditionally used in decking. For example, if you prefer the traditional look of a pool surrounded by hardwood decking, you could have contractors install a slab made stamped with a board mold and stained dark brown. They provide the finishing touches with dyes to create the variegated coloration of wood grain.

Unit Paving

Another option for pool decking is unit paving, meaning contractors lay pavers or another material individually. As the Landscaping Network points out, unit paving carries with it the benefit of promoting water runoff. What's more, the units can move with the ground, which eliminates the problem of cracking. Your options for paving units are varied. You can select pavers, stone, unglazed tile or brick. Your choice depends on your pool style. For example, if you fancy a Mediterranean-style pool, consider decking made of Saltillo pavers. The red clay promotes the ambience of a Mediterranean swimming pool.

Poured Coping

As with poured slab decking, poured concrete coping was once the primary option. However, poured coping is still a gold standard now that innovations have transformed the procedure. Previously contractors had to use a two-step process, first pouring the coping units then pouring the deck to meet the edge. Now they can pour it in one step with a cantilever edge. As with the poured decking, you can have the concrete transformed with different techniques. In addition to stamping, staining and dying, contractors can cover them in veneers or specialized texturing.

Unit Coping

Your options for the coping are similar to those for the unit paving. Natural stone is especially popular in unit paving as it offers the texture and sturdiness characteristic of the material combined with a natural beauty. Granite and limestone are common coping materials. It's also possible to select concrete pavers that resemble these materials, which tends to cut down on costs.

Choose the coping and decking style that best beautifies your backyard swimming pool, and look for swimming pool contractors in your area.