Making Repairs To A Cracked Concrete Swimming Pool Floor

If you own a hotel and you have an in-ground swimming pool on your property, and you notice there is a crack in the concrete portion of the flooring, you will want to take the appropriate steps in repairing it fast. Continuing to allow guests to use the pool while it is in this condition is risky as it can cause someone to become injured. Here are the steps you will need to take to ensure your guests are kept happy and safe while having the pool floor repaired properly and promptly.

Call A Pool Contractor Right Away

The first step in getting your pool fixed is to call a swimming pool repair specialist. Let the service know you run a business where the swimming pool is used on a daily basis. If the weather is prime for swimming, or if you have an indoor pool that guests are using daily as it is a prime time of the year for hotel guests, the pool service may make your repair a priority so you do not let down people down for too long. They may also offer suggestions in how to allow swimmers to continue using the pool without coming into contact with the crack in the process. 

Alert Guests Of The Problem

Make a sign to hang by your swimming pool alerting guests that there is a crack present within the flooring. If the crack is not large in nature, the guests may continue to use the pool until a contractor arrives if you are able to make a patch to the area. Draw a diagram of the pool's shape and place an "X" on the picture so guests will know what area to stay away from if they do decide to swim. 

 If you cannot add a barrier to the crack or if you are fearful it will be risky to continue usage, offer guests a refund on a portion of their room price so they do not become disgruntled. An alternative is to contact other nearby hotels to see if they would allow you to make a payment to them so your guests to use their swimming pool until you can fix yours. 

Consider Patching The Crack

If your pool contractor comes to evaluate the crack and determines it can be patched temporarily, you can undertake this project on your own until the pool can be drained and concrete can be poured into the area. This may get you through the remainder of peak stays at your hotel, allowing you to delay the repair until a time when guests are not as abundant.

Purchase some underwater epoxy glue to make a patch to the area. Purchase this through your pool supplier or from a marine supply shop. This is applied to smaller cracks without the need to remove water to do so. The material is pushed into a crack by inserting the nozzle of the packaging and squeezing the contents inside. 

You will need a pair of goggles to protect your eyes and be adept at swimming and holding your breath under water long enough to apply the solution. This will add a protective layer in the area so your guests will no longer be at risk of snagging a toe or finger in the crack as they splash around. Alert your pool contractor of this application so they can remove it before filling the crack with concrete.