Looking Forward To Soaking In Your New Spa? 2 Simple Tips That Will Keep Your Spa Up And Running

If you're going to have a spa installed in your yard this summer, you'll need to know how to care for it. Once you fill your spa, the water can become overrun with algae and bacteria if you're not careful. If that happens, you're going to need to spend time cleaning and repairing to get your spa up and running again. Here are two simple steps you should follow to keep your spa clean and sanitary.

Balance the Water

If you're going to fill your spa with your household water, you'll need to make sure it's balanced. Municipal water supplies are treated and balanced for household plumbing, which means it won't be in balance with your spa's unique plumbing needs. To bring your water into proper balance for your spa, you'll need to reset the pH levels. The pH levels determine how acidic your water is. If the water is too acidic, it will cause your pipes to corrode. If the water doesn't have enough acidity, it won't react properly to the chlorine and other supplies you'll need to use to keep your spa clean.

To test the pH levels for your spa, simply use a dip stick test you can purchase at any pool supply store. To use a dip-stick test, dip the test strip into the water and wait for it to chance colors. Compare the color of the test strip to the color strip located on the side of the test strip container. The colors will tell you whether you need to increase, or decrease the pH levels.

Keep Things Sanitary

A lot of impurities can build up in your spa, especially if you use it on a regular basis. To keep things sanitary, you'll need to sanitize the water at least once a week. Sanitizing your spa will kill the bacteria caused by body oils and human waste – which can contaminate your spa no matter how careful you are.

The two most common spa sanitizers are chlorine and bromine. Once you've selected one to use, stick to it. Switching back and forth between sanitizing agents can destroy the delicate balance of your spa water. Your chlorine or bromine levels should be checked at least once a week. However, if you use your spa on a daily basis, you should test the levels once a day. Follow the instructions on the label for proper application.

You're looking forward to enjoying your new spa. The tips provided here will help you keep your spa clean and balanced, which will help you avoid more cleaning or repairs. For more information, go to websites like http://www.poolsandspashuntingtonwv.com.