3 Benefits of Hiring a Contractor to Service an Inground Swimming Pool

Have you grown frustrated with having to clean your inground swimming pool all of the time? You might find that hiring a professional contractor to service your pool every now and then is the solution to the problem. A professional will be able to clean your swimming pool in a more thorough manner, as well as providing other beneficial services. Here are the various ways a contractor can be beneficial for servicing your inground swimming pool.

1. They Can Make Sure the Chemicals Are Balanced

It is important for your inground swimming pool to have a balanced level of chemicals for numerous different reasons. A contractor will be able to measure certain chemicals in the pool water to determine if more of any of them are needed. For instance, the chlorine level is important for preventing germs from contaminating the water and causing you to become ill. Another chemical that is commonly used in inground swimming pools is called cyanuric acid, which protects chlorine levels from getting low due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The acidity, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity levels of your pool will also be inspected by a contractor to make sure your water is balanced.

2. They Can Keep the Filtration System Clean

Keeping your inground pool filtration system clean is an important task. You should not simply remove debris from the surface of your water. The pool filter must be occasionally cleaned so it can efficiently prevent dirt from accumulating at the top and bottom of the water. A contractor will be able to thoroughly clean the filter and recommend replacing it if there is a lot of wear and tear that prevents it from cleaning efficiently. However, the most beneficial thing that the contractor can do for the filtration system is clean out the pipes so debris can freely flow into the filter basket.

3. They Can Get Rid of Algae

It is not uncommon for algae to grow in an inground swimming pool. However, you must make sure that it is cleaned on occasion if you don't want your water to start looking green. Algae can grow to the point of clogging up the filtration system, which can lead to your water having debris floating around. The worst thing about algae is that it can contain bacteria known as E.coli, which is harmful to your health.

Make an appointment for a professional contractor, such as one from Collier Pool Service LLC., to service your inground swimming pool as soon as possible if you need help with any of these issues or would like a pool inspection.