Diving In: Choosing A Hot Tub That Fits You

Choosing to buy a hot tub may seem like an easy decision, but once you go to a showcase or two, you might find yourself frankly overwhelmed by the amount of choices that are involved in picking your perfect machine. The truth is that the "right" hot tub for you depends entirely on your lifestyle and projected use of the tub, not on things like unlimited color pallets or fancy pool covers. So if you're looking to pick the hot tub that will suit you the absolute best, then here's what you need to know.

Sporty and Active

If nothing makes you happier than a 4-mile run every morning, then there are some specific features you're going to want to include in your perfect hot tub. For example, rather than going for jets that focus on pressure points, you'll want to lean more towards whirlpool jets, which massage your muscles rather vigorously, making them the perfect after-workout treatment your muscles need. Consider the seat as well; cool-down seats sit higher up than most hot tub seats and thus offer your lower half the benefits of hydrotherapy while keeping your upper body non-immersed, in case sitting in hot water after a workout makes you, like many people, nauseated.

Rest and Relaxation

Hot tubs have long been a symbol of ultimate relaxation -- and if that's what you're looking for, you'll want to design your hot tub for your maximum enjoyment. The ability to control your hot tub from your smart phone comes in handy to get your tub filled and at the right temperature without you moving more than a finger, and built-in speakers allow you to play whatever music you want without having to get up and adjust the volume. There are even hot tubs that can have a flat-screen TV installed (which can sink out of view or rise up when in use), allowing you to catch up on your Netflix binging while relaxing in warm, bubbly water.

Aches and Pains

Often used as part of rehab after surgeries or to minimize the pain that comes from chronic conditions like arthritis or diabetes, hot tubs can help soothe your aches and pains if you opt for the correct features. Jets that mimic acupressure are a good choice here, as is an ergonomic seat with gentle jets to massage your neck and your wrists, areas often overlooked but that carry a lot of pain or tension. Grab bars are a necessity in these tubs, as they let you pull yourself up without the danger of slipping and falling -- but ultimately choosing those features which best represent the vision you're trying to build is the only way to truly get a hot tub that fits you.

For more information and tips, talk with a hot tub repair and installation company.