Poolside Ambiance -- A Guide To 4 Deck Styles To Complement Any Pool

If you're looking for the right poolside lounge area to go along with your new pool, it can be hard to decide what to do. And while the possibilities may seem endless (or limited, depending on your pool's location), there are basically four different styles of lounge available to easily complement your watery fun. Here's a brief guide to them.

Sun Deck. Obviously, the most traditional and easiest lounge to add to any pool deck is a spot to lay in the sun and relax. You can turn it into your own luxury resort poolside by lining up a few chaise lounges, stylish umbrellas and side tables between them. If your budget is large enough, consider adding a tanning ledge -- a shallow watery shelf where you can enjoy being half-in and half-out of the water -- to your pool.

Garden Haven. Using your poolside space to create a lush, green garden helps it feel more natural and fits in better with your overall landscape design. Your garden can be tropical to go with the pool, or it can be woodsy or rustic or even a rock garden -- whatever type of landscaping you prefer. Additional water features like bubbling waterfalls or shallow streams can help the pool fit in and provide a more relaxing environment.

Conversation Patio. If you don't have much space to work with -- particularly if that available space is shaded or on the narrow edges of the pool -- a conversation patio might be perfect. This small area can consist of patio furniture as simple as a pair of bistro chairs and a table for drinks or books or it can be larger to hold groups of friends comfortably. You may prefer to shade it with a pergola, a curtained cabana, or a custom-built roof to match the house -- all depending on your budget. 

Outdoor Room. An outdoor room next to your pool can provide more utility than most lounges because it's more likely to be used separately or in other seasons. This outdoor room can be a large outdoor living room with comfortable outdoor sofas and rugs, an outdoor kitchen with a grill and bar, or an outdoor dining room with a large table for entertaining. Try adding a fire pit or fireplace to complement the nearby pool's watery theme. 

You can, of course, combine or encompass more than one of these lounge styles, but it's important to have a clear vision in mind before you begin building. Your pool contractor may be able to help you put your design ideas into practice as well. But, whether you do it on your own or with professional help, the result will be a pool deck you can enjoy for years to come. Click here for more info on patio furniture.