Ready To Make A Splash? 4 Questions To Ask When Planning An In-Ground Pool

If you're considering the addition of an in-ground pool for next summer, it's time to start the planning. In-ground pools require several months of planning before the construction can even begin. During the planning stage, it's important that you ask yourself some key questions. The answers to these questions will ensure that you get the right pool for your backyard.

How Will You Use It?

When planning for an in-ground pool, it's important that you consider how you'll actually use it. Determining how you plan to use your new pool will make it easier to sit down and draw up the plans. For instance, if you plan to use your pool specifically for exercise, you'll want a design that includes enough clear length for a good swim. However, if you're planning for plenty of leisure-time enjoyment, you'll want to consider a design that's more free-flowing and relaxing. If your pool will be used by young children, you'll want to include a generous shallow end.

Do You Have the Right Location?

When it comes to planning for a new in-ground pool, you need to make sure that you have the right location. If your yard is sloped or you live near an active earthquake fault, you may require additional permits, geological studies, and construction work to get the site ready for an in-ground pool. If you have concerns about your location, talk to your pool contractor. They can help you develop a plan that will work well with your specific location.

Are You Looking to Avoid Chemicals?

Now that you're planning a new swimming pool for your yard, it's time to consider the treatment method you'll use. Most people rely on chemicals such as chlorine to keep their pools clean and sanitary. However, if you want to avoid the use of harsh chemicals, you'll need to talk to your contractor about alternative methods for water treatment. There are natural ways to keep your pool clean, including the use of plants and natural filtration devices.

Do You Have Entertaining in Mind?

If you plan to use your swimming pool as a focal point for outdoor entertainment this summer, you need to keep that in mind when making the designs. Adding outdoor seating around the pool area, or including a built-in spa with your pool will make your yard more party-ready. Don't forget to add plenty of lighting around your pool when planning the design.

If you have more questions about pool options, contact a local contractor like Elite Pools.