Get Ready For Another Summer Of Fun In The Sun With Pool Maintenance And Repairs

Before summer gets here, you want to make sure your pool is ready for when you want to take a refreshing dip. This means that you want to get started on the maintenance now to prepare for the season. In addition, there may be some repairs that need to be done before you can open your pool. The following steps will help you get your pool ready for summer with the right maintenance and repairs:

Start by Removing the Pool Cover and Removing Large Debris and Algae in The Water

The first step to getting your pool ready for summer should be removing the cover. If you have an automated cover, check it for damage and test it to make sure it is working. Once you have the cover removed, clear out any debris and heavy algae growth that has gotten in the water over winter. Make sure that any large material has been removed before you fill the pool and begin circulating the water.

Unplug Inlets and Outlets to Begin Testing Equipment and Circulating the Water

Over the winter months, it is a good idea to drain the pool below the level of the outlets and plug them to prevent damage. You will want to remove the plugs before you fill the water back up to the full level or above the plumbing. Once you have removed the plugs, you will be ready to start the equipment and inspect it for any signs of damage and leaks.

Backwash the Filter and Begin Circulating Water to Clear the Pool in Time for Summer

Before you begin circulating the water in your pool, you will want to backwash the pump and filter to remove any buildup of debris. Begin circulating the water and occasionally return to backwash the filter again. Continue this process until the water is mostly clean and there is no visible debris.

Shock the Pool and Continue Circulating to Ensure That the Water Is Clear for Opening

Once you have the water circulating and have backwashed the filter several times, you will be ready to start treating your pool. Use a chlorine shock treatment to clear water and kill any bacteria and algae growth that may still be in the water. You will want to continue circulating the water through the pump until your pool is clean and clear. After the water is clear, continue with routine maintenance and water treatments throughout the summer months.

These are some of the tasks that need to be done to prepare your pool for the summer opening. If you need a new pool before summer gets here, contact a fiberglass pool installation service such as Multibobcat Services to plan your new swimming area.