Four Reasons Why You Should Regularly Replace Your Spa Cover

You may not think about your spa cover all too often, but it is typically the part of your hot tub that is most exposed to the elements and, therefore, most prone to wear and tear. Many homeowners attempt to use their spa one day only to discover that their cover is sagging and heavy, and you may even notice your spa-related heating bills creeping up as a result. Repairing and replacing your cover should be a regular part of your spa service regimen, and it carries with it the following four benefits.  

Modernizing Your Insulation 

Many older spas cannot hope to compete with newer models in terms of insulation efficiency, but replacing your cover periodically is one of the best ways you can keep up with the times without needing to scrap the whole thing. Depending on the make and model of your spa, you may be able to choose a cover that is both lighter and more efficient than your old one, lowering your heating bills in the process. Either way, a brand new cover will almost certainly have better insulating value than a worn and broken-down one. 

Decreasing the Weight of Your Cover

Spa covers are typically made using hard foam cores, which help maintain structural rigidity while still providing insulation. Over time, however, these foam cores can become waterlogged due to naturally developing leaks, and they may eventually become so heavy that you cannot lift your cover unassisted. If you notice that you are struggling to access your own spa, it is probably time to get a new cover. 

Preventing Mold and Leaks

Another potential issue of waterlogged cores is their propensity to harbor mold. They are also a symptom of a leaking cover, which will likely have an impact on your insulation and may allow other organisms to enter your tub. To protect yourself and your home from mold, algae and all of the unpleasantness they bring with them, change your spa cover as soon as you begin noticing any musty odors or strange debris in the water. 

Improving the Appearance of Your Hot Tub 

If you value the appearance of your home, you probably don't want your visitors to see a ratty, waterlogged spa cover every time they come to visit. Simply keeping the cover presentable can dramatically improve the appearance of your spa and the area around it. If you are tired of high heating bills and needing two people to hoist a soggy cover every time you want to use your spa, call your local spa service and repair contractors (such as those from Anchor Pools & Spas) to schedule this simple fix that can significantly improve your enjoyment of your own hot tub.